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Why ALL in one?

Executive Dashboard

Track your KPIs through configurable and flexible sight management panels. Better and faster decisions require accurate information in real time.


Record, monitor and control the main problems and deviations that impact the loss of industrial production. The synergy between the operation and the industrial maintenance is fundamental for the increase of high levels of productivity.


Monitor changes in automatic / manual control of industrial equipment. Forces management is important for maintaining a safe industrial environment.


Record, track and control meeting minutes and their actions in a simple and user-friendly manner. Simplicity and ease of use are fundamental to an efficient routine.

Process Control

Monitor your key control and verification variables in an integrated way with your industrial systems. Stability of the process ensures better operating results.


Conduct analysis and handling of critical problems from a step by step guided cycle. The maturity of a plant is measured by the low recurrence of problems.

Our differential goes beyond system integration. We evolve our platform listening to the real needs of our clients. We always deliver what we promise, adding value to the end client. Integrate, cosolidate and aggregate. That is the basis of all our efforts.

Rodrigo Dal Moro - Head of Product