Who is with us?

Eldorado is a company that has always grown in results, efficiency and production. Our numbers are extremely competitive and, most of the time, based on IndustriALL management. The platform is not only a technology for us; it is the basis of our industry and demonstrates how we transcribe our management. As a manager of technical control and processes, I consider IndustriALL to be one of our main industrial management platforms at Eldorado.

Leonardo Pimenta

Technical Manager

The main transformation that the IndustriALL brought to Veracel was the consolidation of all the information in a single platform, as well as more agility in the management of the information and control of production losses, factors that are extremely important for the manager’s decision making process. AEVO is a very partner company, work together with us and always suits the needs of the client.

André Silva Borges

Industrial Automation Systems Analyst

While using the platform, Bracell has become more agile in making decisions. IndustriALL has helped us in a change of culture where we have improved the quality of the information we put into the system. The main benefit of IndustriALL is the user-friendly interface that contributes to the practicality of launching occurrences in the system, as well as being able to integrate some information that we used to have in separate places.

Bruno Calvasan Fenara

Production Coordinator

Currently we have a rather lean and dynamic operation and the systems that support us in the management of production must comply with this same dynamism. We have found in AEVO a partner willing to customize their systems to our needs, thus streamlining our decision making process. We believe that agile and assertive decisions are critical to making our results even better.

Vinícius Sierra

Consultant of Industrial Process
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